Listed here are the latest additions or changes to the website.

Date Description
2009-12-19Added photos I took at the Vancouver Maritime Museum of the S.S. Beaver Rudder, Boiler and Paddlewheel crankshaft.
2009-11-28Added photos of the S.S. Beaver that I received from Frank Rozee from Abbotsford, British Columbia. You can view these photos here.
2009-10-18Added 4 new Rhino renders of the S.S. Beaver to the Image Gallery. Updated the website banner to include an image of the Szent Istvan.
2009-05-03Updated the Ship Plans web page.
2009-03-15Redrew the Skodawerks 35cm turrets based on the 1912 plans. Thank you Erwin for sending them to me. Altered the original construction drawings to include these new turrets.

Added updated renderings and screen captures of the project. Look here.
2009.01.10 Ersatz Monarch Project: completed the redraw of the Upper Deck and Upper Deck Plan (Tafel-05 and Tafel-04).

Currently redrawing the "Construction Plan" Tafel-01, due to some inconsistencies I have discovered.
2009.01.01 Ersatz Monarch Project: completed the redraw of the Battery Deck (Tafel-06).
2008.12.21 Version 3.0 of this website is launched.

special thanks:

Erwin Sieche: a renowned historian on the Austro-Hungarian navy, and a friend of mine. Erwin has provide me with so much information to use in my 3d models of which I am very thankful for. It was Erwin who first got me the Viribus Unitis plans directly from Friedrich Prasky. Thank you Erwin for all that you have done and for believing in my ideas when I first contacted you.

Colin Wilkie: my big brother, and really the person who got me started in all of this. Colin is an amazing graphic artist, and when I was a young boy he taught me how to draw. He also introduced me to ships at the age of 5 and everything blossomed from there. Thank you Colin for your continued support.

Friedrich Prasky: whose creation of the Viribus Unitis plans, publications, books and work on the 1/50 half model in Vienna have been truly astounding. We will always be grateful for Mr. Prasky's contributions to the memory of an amazing ship and her history. Thank you for your generous gifts and dedication.


Here is a list of my work that has appeared in books, magazines or films:

Film Description

A documentary about the Austro-Hungarian battleship "Szent Istvan" by Interspot Film. My 3D model of the Szent Istvan was used for the animation scenes. The model was sent to Industrial Motion and Art where they prepared the model for animation and texturing.
Magazines Description

An Austrian maritime magazine which featured my image of the Szent Istvan sinking on the front cover of the July issue. An additional image was displayed on the inside of the back cover.
Feb 2009National Geographic Magazine - February 2009 Issue

The Hungarian version of this magazine featured two of my images of the Szent Istvan.

my blog:

2009.11.28: I have been working with my brother Colin Wilkie in the creation of a Viribus Unitis poster of my 3D model. I am currently working with a printer to make these available to the public. It is a culmination of my many years of hard work and I am excited to share it with others.

I am also still working on the S.S. Beaver 3D model. Progress has been good on the medium detailed version. Many thanks to Frank Rozee for sharing his photos of his 2-foot model which can be seen on my website. I am so happy to hear from others who have a passion for this historic ship.

I still continue to work on the Ersatz Monarch Austro-Hungarian battleship 3D model. I am busy organizing and integrating the parts from my VU model that are common into the Ersatz Monarch model.

I've added a donate button to my website. Keeping up to date on 3D software, monthly website fees etc. can be quite expensive. I pay for these things out of my own pocket. I am 3 versions behind on Cinema 4D and 2 versions behind on Rhino, not to mention I am looking to purchase a fluid dynamics software program to accurately create oceans and waves. This type of simulation would be accurate to the ships hull and create realistic splashes. Having up to date, state of the art programs will assist me in providing my visitors with the best experience possible.

2009.10.18: All necessary AutoCAD drawings of the Ersatz Monarch have been completed. Preliminary hull construction in 3D has begun. Common small 3D parts from the Viribus Unitis class have been reprocessed for use in the Ersatz Monarch class model. Progess on this project will move slowly.

Work has begun again on the Hudson Bay Steamship S.S. Beaver. Work on this model will proceed through the winter months. I am collaborating with Mark Garner who is a Beaver Historian from southern Ontario. Mark and I will be putting together a virtual museum website with a complete history of the ship with stunning 3D interactive models.

I am applying new techniques I have learned with 3D modeling  to enhance the models I create. This should ensure an even more life like model.

I have created a new 18" x 24" poster of the Viribus Unitis. I hope to make a limited amount of prints which will be made available on this website. 

2009.05.10: I am curently redrawing the sectional views of the Ersatz Monarch battleship. I hope to finished these soon and then complete a few other minor drawings of her. At that point I will be ready to build the 3D model.

Thank you to Erwin S. for sending me the construction plans for the January 1914 versions (32,000t and 29,600t battleships) of the Ersatz Monarch. There were some very fascinating designs created for this ship as the engineers looked for different ways to manage hull design, weight, and number of guns. I do plan to redraw these 1914 plans in AutoCAD in the near future.

2009.03.15: I took 2 weeks off of drawing. I tend to get tired being on the computer all the time, and it wears me out. I am feeling a little more juvenated so I am back at it. I recently redrew some plans Erwin Sieche sent me on the 35cm turret design from Skodawerks. This was the 1912 version where the triple turret was superimposed over the double turret. A very interesting design. I also posted some 3D images of the turrets based upon some sketches that Erwin created and sent to me.

I am just finishing off the profile 2D drawing and will start into the sections. 

2009.01.10: I am still in the midst of redrawing Franz Pitzinger's plans. It's interesting because as I put all the plans together in AutoCAD I am discovering inconsistencies from one drawing to the next. So at that point I have to determine which drawing I will deem as "correct" and then adjust the other drawings to match. This became evident on the Construction Plans (Tafel-01) of which I am redrawing. Since this drawing is the hull of the ship I feel it is important to get the hull just right! The hull is probably the hardest part of the ship to draw because of it's fluid form, unlike other parts that are square, or cylinder like.

So I am getting closer to actualy building the 3d components of the model. The next drawings to be redrawn are in this order: External Profile (Tafel-03), Midship Section (Tafel-02) and then  Sections (Tafel-13). After these are created I feel I can start the 3d modeling phase. Not shown on my plans page for Ersatz are some drawings of the turrets from Erwin Sieche. I will scan those and add them later. I need to redraw them too in AutoCAD.

I must say I am enjoying this project immensely. On other news I have been contacted by individuals wishing to use my renderings in magazines and books. I am happy to provide those to people but please keep in mind that when I render and image of my ship I do so at a lower resolution (72 dpi) for web viewing only. The reason is that it takes a long time to render an image at 300 dpi and to save time I don't do such a render until requested. If you are going to make a request to me, please allow me ample time to prepare the image for your use. Some of these renders can take up 8-12 hours to complete at high resolution.

2008.12.21: This is my first installment of my blog. In fact I have never ever written a blog. I guess it is just a way to share my thoughts. Well this is the 3rd version of my website and hopefully my last for a while because I really need to concentrate my time on building my 3d models rather than documenting them. However a website is essential for me to share my work with others around the world. The first two websites fulfilled their purpose, but now it is time for me to expand them and really the structure underneath was not capable of that. So here we are starting a new year, and I am 4 months into my Ersatz Monarch 3d model. I'm still in the preparation stage of that project, redrawing all of Pitzinger's 1913 plans. It's a lot of work redrawing these plans but I feel it is well worth it. Not only will I be able to share these plans around the world but it will ensure an accurate 3d model.

I will update my blog every once in a while, but not on any regular schedule. I'd like to wish all my visitors a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate), Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. Thank you so much for spending time here on my website and for your emails. It's knowing that my work inspires others that helps me continue my work. All the best to you all...Cheers, Andrew