drafting services:

Need your old ship plans converted into an electronic vector format like AutoCAD? This is a great way to preserve your precious drawings in a format that will last forever.

I am a draftsman by trade and can provide a service to take your 2D ship plans (paper or scanned bitmap) and convert them into high quality AutoCAD drawings (vector format).


Ersatz Monarch 2D AutoCAD drawings

If you are interested send me an email with your needs and I can provide you a fixed price quote. You will need to send me some examples of what your plans look like. I can also provide printed plans of the AutoCAD drawings created.

I look forward to hearing from you.

ship plans:

I own the following ship plans:

S.M.S. Viribus Unitis (Austro-Hungarian Dreadnought) 1912-18
S.M.S. Szent Istvan (Austro-Hungarian Dreadnought) 1914-18
S.M.S. Ersatz Monarch (Austro-Hungarian Dreadnought) Never Built
Austro-Hungarian Battleship and Battlecruiser Pre-designs Never Built
U5,6, 12 (Austro-Hungarian Submarines) WW1
Dock 22 (Austro-Hungarian dry dock) WW1
K.M.S. Bismarck (German Battleship) WW2
I.J.N. Yamato (Japanese Battleship) WW2
H.M.S. Queen Mary (British Battlecruiser) WW1
Bennedetto Brin (Italian Pre-dreadnought)
Regina Margherita (Italian Pre-dreadnought)
Kniaz Potemkin Tavricevski (Russian Pre-dreadnought)

S.S. Beaver (Hudson's Bay Company Steamship) 1835
M.V. Queen of Tsawwassen (BC Ferries) 1960
M.V. Spirit of British Columbia (BC Ferries) 1990's
M.V. Queen of the North (BC Ferries) 2007