S.S. Beaver - Hudson's Bay Company:

Project Started: October 2005
Project Status: Re-started September 2009

John McKay's Isometric drawing of the S.S. Beaver

Beaver was a steamship built in England in 1835 for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). It sailed to Fort Vancouver (Vancouver, Washington) where the engine was assembled and paddlewheels mounted. On May 16, 1836, the steam engine was fired up for the first time. The HBC operated Beaver for 17 years. She was the first steamship on the west coast of North America and made remote parts of the west coast accessible for fur trading. She ran aground off Prospect Point in Vancouver, B.C., on July 25, 1888. Her remains are still at the bottom of Burrard Inlet.

Why a 3d model of the s.s. beaver?:

While I was still working on the Viribus Unitis 3D model, I decided to contact the Vancouver Maritime Museum to see if they were interested in a 3D model ship for their displays. One of my bad habits of starting another project while not finishing what I am working on. I'm trying to fix that :).

I spoke with Jim Delgado (of Sea Hunters fame) who was the director of the museum at the time, and we arranged to meet one day. He suggested doing a 3D model of the S.S. Beaver and have it posted to their website as an interactive display. Jim spoke of John McKay who wrote the book "The Hudson's Bay Company's 1835 Steam Ship Beaver" which is published by Vanwell Publishing Limited. The book comes with a complete set of plans. Jim gave me John's contact information and the project began in October 2005. This project is strictly voluntary and no money is being provided for this model.

The project has halted a number of times as I have had many 3d projects on the go, plus family life takes precedence as well. It is my full intention of completing this project because this ship begs to be brought back to life. It's historical significance alone is a good reason to build her :)

Jim or John if you are reading this I just want you to know that this project is still very important to me and will be completed within the next couple years. My skills have increased greatly since starting this project and will undoubtedly provide and even more realistic S.S. Beaver.

Update...as of September 2009 I have rededicated myself to finishing the S.S. Beaver 3D model. It will be my winter project as winter is the best time for me to do my 3D artwork. I am collaborating now with Mark Garner from southern Ontario who is a S.S. Beaver Historian and Collector. The culmination of our efforts will result in a brand new website (a virtual Beaver Musesum) that will surely be an imazing source of information about her.

photos and 3d renderings:

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Frank Rozee's (Abbotsford, BC) 2-foot model of the S.S. Beaver
(click the image to see more pictures of his fantastic model)



If you are a fan of the S.S. Beaver and would like to comment or chat about her please send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.