m.v. queen of tsawwassen - b.c. ferry:

Project Started: January 2007
Project Status: In Progress (delayed)

Kevin Stapleton's photo of the Queen of Tsawwassen

This BC Ferry was one of the first two ferries built for service
between Vancouver Island and the City of Vancouver. She was built in 1960, and the 3d model being built is how she looked at the very beginning of her career.  To learn more about the BC Ferry Corporation, visit: www.bcferries.com

The BC Ferry fleet has always fascinated me, and I have enjoyed travelling on their ships each year. I plan on at some point in the next 10 years to recreate a number of ships of the BC Ferry fleet, particularily the older ships of which no 3D models exist for.


Place Built: Vancouver, BC
Year Built: 1960
Launched: November 28, 1959
Vehicle Capacity: 138
Passenger Capacity*: 936 (+ 16 crew)
Length: 102.51 m
Gross Tons: 3,127.33
Service Speed: 18 knots
Horsepower: 6,000
Retired: September 27, 2008
Onboard Services: Cafeteria, Gift Shop, Vending, Video Arcades, Elevator

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