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recreating the ships of the past

Artist - Andrew Wilkie

Recreating the ships of the past is all about bringing back to life the ships that once carressed the oceans. It's about history and visiting them as they once were. These ships are now out of reach...either sitting on the bottom of the ocean decaying, or were demolished or were never built. While they are now gone we can still visit them today virtually on this and other websites.

A handful of individuals on this planet have dedicated themselves to building these ships; spending countless hours labouriously creating every detail. Their love and passion for maritime history allows them to exercise their artistic talents. I am one of these people and I happy to share my work with you today. Thank you for visiting.



s.m.s. viribus unitis

Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1914 - 1918
Model: Completed

Viribus Unitis - Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1914Click on the image to see more 3D renderings

s.m.s. szent istvan

Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1914 - 1918
Model: Completed

Final moments before Szent Istvan rolls over
Click on the image to see more 3D renderings

s.s. beaver

Hudson's Bay Steamship - 1835
Model: In Progress

SS Beaver was a side-paddlewheeler and the first steamship in the Pacific Northwest.
Click on the image to see more 3D renderings

ersatz monarch 

Austro-Hungarian Battleship design - 1914
Model: In Progress

Click on the image to see more 3D renderings

m.v. queen of tsawwassen 

British Columbia Ferry - 1960
Model: In Progress

Click on the image to see more 3D renderings


Keeping up to date with the latest 3D software technology, graphic programs, training and monthly website fees can certainly add up. I try my best to provide my visitors with the best experience possible and pay for it all out of my own pocket. I am 3 versions behind in Cinema 4D, 2 versions behind in Rhino 3D and I am currently looking at an ocean simulation package for realistic renderings.If you would like to assist and support my efforts please use the donate button below to make a contribution.

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Simple imagination powered by the wind:

My passion for ships and shipwrecks all started back in 1972 (4 years old) when I first saw the Poseidon Adventure. It was a film about an Ocean Liner that was struck by a 90ft. tidal wave and capsized. Since that day I learned about Titanic, Andrea Dorea, Morro Castle etc. In kindergarten I would draw pictures of the Titanic sinking - I can remember it like it was yesterday. In 1975 I bought my first book on the Titanic "A Night to Remember - by Walter Lord" published in 1957. Let's just say I was a Titanic enthusiast before it was fashionably made so by the James Cameron's movie. I even have a large piece of Titanic coal which I proudly display beside my Titanic painting.

In my Elementary School years I became fascinated with warships and studied them intently every day. A few of my school friends shared the same passion. My favourite ships were of the Italian Navy (Vittorio Veneto), but I was intrigued by all ships.

I got away from all this in high school, and didn’t come back to it until I was in my 30’s. I was looking for a hobby and remembered just how much I loved ships. The excitement came back to me like turning on a light switch.

In late 2003 I took my artistic talents to the next level and started learning how to draw ships in 3D. Doing so combined my passion for model making with my other passion of drawing. It was a perfect combination! I am completely self taught, and getting better by the day.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and please drop me an email to tell me what you think. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated and is also a great inspiration to me.