The Szent István 3D model, built by Andrew Wilkie, was created by modifying the Viribus Unitis 3D model. The project was initiated by a request from InterSpot Film to produce a 3D model for their documentary "DEATH AT DAWN - THE EMPEROR'S LAST BATTLESHIP".  The model was then sent to Industrial Motion and Art where they prepared the model for animation and texturing. My congratulations to them for doing a fantastic job.

Modifications were conducted over a 2-3 month period with some of the following changes:

  • Creation of a headlight platform encompassing the two funnels.
  • Removal of the turret gun doors and replaced with blast bags.
  • Height of the funnels increased, and bomb deflector cages added.
  • Propulsion changed from 4-shaft to 2-shaft.
  • Removal of platforms on either side of the bridge.
  • Modified ventilator trunk in front of the mainmast